Own Your Story: using content marketing to maximise your PR

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“But once you’ve got the press coverage, how can you control the narrative?”

It’s a good question. I’m sitting in front of a group of super-savvy entrepreneurs at E-Spark’s Glasgow Hatchery, and we’re talking media relations. My talented colleague and co-presenter Jill Brown has been sharing a host of invaluable insights into “what makes a media story”, and how exactly to grab the media’s attention in a world where journalists fend off thousands of press releases a week.

So once you’ve got the PR, how do you control the narrative? The answer, of course, is simple: you can’t. The single biggest drawback of traditional PR is exactly that: it can bring a whole host of benefits to your brand, but targeted, controlled messaging is not one of them. That might not be the answer anyone wants to hear, but it’s the truth.

But what if there’s another way …

Content Marketing. My second favourite definition* of content marketing comes from the Content Council, and goes like this:

“Marrying marketing ambitions of a company with the information needs of its target audience.”

PR, done well, will give you a bigger platform than you’ve ever had before. Content marketing, done well, will help you turn that platform into cold, hard, measurable results for you and your brand. By tapping into the principles of content marketing, I maintain that you can regain control of even the most off-message press narrative.

Want to know more? Here are my five top tips for making that happen.


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*My all-time favourite definition of Content Marketing comes from marketing megastar Seth Godin, and goes like this:

“Content Marketing is the only marketing left”

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