“We are really pleased with the suggestions you have come up with. It will really help us when we work with a design agency to update our labels … It’s really handy to have a selection of sentences and paragraphs which convey our brand information in a clear and friendly way.”
Catriona Monson, Middle Way, August 2019

“We are really delighted with the advice you have given, Jo. Definitely lots of food for thought! It was a really interesting and insightful exercise and we will certainly put the recommendations into action.”
Louise Ewing, Bruach Design, June 2019

“I cannot thank you enough for all the work you have done!! The recommendations are great and your report has given me so much to follow up on to make my company much more visual and also stronger!”
Donna Wilson, Professional Bookkeeping Services, April 2019

“Jo is a marketing superstar!

“She recently helped me to review and refine my marketing activities. She really took the time to understand my business, my concerns around previous marketing techniques and my current objectives.

“The impact of implementing Jo’s advice has been evident and my business has gone from strength to strength – and had its most profitable month so far (just 6 weeks into using her proposed content calendar!)

“On a personal level, I now feel clearer and more confident about my marketing approach. I spend less time trying to manage multiple platforms and my focus is freed up to concentrate on business growth and client contact.

“I highly recommend getting in touch with Jo if are a business owner who would like straightforward, customised support to enhance your marketing efforts and get tangible results!”
Kate Galbally, Better Organised, October 2018

“We can’t thank Jo enough for all her help with our brand and communications strategy, she was very quickly able to understand our specific business needs and her recommendations have had a massive impact on our business. We are much more confident in what we’re doing now and will continue to make use of all her invaluable expert advice as we continue to grow.”
Jenifer Martin, Reza Wood, July 2018

“Many thanks for providing such an indepth and well thought out report. It really covers everything and demonstrates that you have clearly managed to get a clear perspective on the market and our current and potential position therein. There is much to digest and there are initiatives that can be employed now at minimum costs and similarly, many that will be appropriate with scale. … it’s an extremely useful document.”
Jonathan Cockburn, Little Offices, June 2018

“I have found Jo to be ‘second to none’ in her manner, approach, research and delivery of upgrading and developing both our brands and websites connected with our brands. On the completion of the work, we saw a marked increase in traffic, bookings and conversions into sales, which is ultimately where every business needs to see results. I would happily recommend Jo to anyone and whole heartedly recommend her work and services.”
Charlie Sproson, Lake District Sky Trails & Mountain Run, June 2018

“It was incredibly useful to have someone outside of my business, and with such a wealth of expertise and knowledge, take a look at where my business could grow, as well as possible new revenue streams. Jo’s report was filled with a wealth of information and analysis yet it was easy to understand. Like many small businesses the chances are I would have continued to stagnate in my own bubble but now I have a plan to follow that will hopefully build a more profitable future. I would highly recommend Jo.”
Fiona Russell, Fiona Outdoors, May 2018

“Jo – you have captured what we were unable to articulate perfectly and inspired us to think beyond our small project … we now have some great ideas on developing our business and look forward to working with you again.”
Kim Macleod, Indie Authors World, May 2018

“Thank you so much for the amazing work you have done for our business. Would highly recommend your business to anyone wishing to look at developing a marketing plan and auditing their existing business. Our staff are all very excited about putting your ideas into practice – the plan will give us so much to focus on over the foreseeable future.
Barry Simpson, Park Cottage Dental Practice, April 2018

“Jo very quickly understood our specialised manufacturing business and where we need to focus. She devised a very good plan on how to use our website and linkedin to reach the professionals we want to reach.”
Steven Black, Robeslee Concrete, February 2018

“Jo recently carried out brief consultancy assignment for my business. I was very pleased with her report. It highlighted various aspects which were not clear before such as identifying the right customers, the market position etc. I was also impressed by the presentation of the report (in a language which I can understand). I recommend Jo.”
Umair Abbas, Premier Accounting, January 2018

“Thank you for such a thorough strategy plan. I am really looking forward to implementing its contents into my online marketing and business portfolio”
Niamh Quail, Focus on Design; January 2018

“Totally blown away with the content and structure of your reports. I really appreciate your effort on this.”
Alasdair Crawford, Kalamath Consultancy; September 2017

“I’m really confident and calm moving forward with building my brand. Thank you so much for sharing your brilliance and helping me see how I can guide others.”
Julie D’Amour, Author; August 2017

“Thank you very much for all your help with our business. You have provided us with so many good ideas to take forward and develop over the coming weeks and months.”
Martin Colpi, Colpi; July 2017

“We would like to thank you not only for all the work you have done on this project, but also the amount of effort you have put into it. It’s first class.”
Darren, Katie’s Real Food Kitchen, May 2017

“We are so happy we took Jo on. She took her time to understand our unique and really complex business. Light at the end of our tunnel.”
Jannette, Scarlet Ladies, March 2017


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